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Artist Statement

After seeing my first figurative glass piece at the 2008 SOFAChicago show …I knew that was the  direction I wanted to go with my art.

In combining my sculptures with glass, the luminosity that is achieved gives a “life like/ spiritual ” quality to my pieces, that I felt I couldn’t solely achieve with metal.

As an experienced sculptor, I am able to direct the mood, expression and narrative of a piece.  In my vignettes, I strive to capture a thought or a moment in time. My subtle “stories” often include a warm inviting glow, yet hold a mystique that invites the viewer to take a closer look. 

Because Art is a intimate connection between the viewer and the artwork, My intent is to deliver a piece with many interpretations.   I want to  leave the viewer with unanswered questions, so they may interpose their own connections, and ultimately, the piece becomes their own.

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